Community Consultation Committee


Several Community Consultation Committee ("CCC") meetings have been held in the past however they were discontinued in April 2010. 


We wrote to Byron Shire Council on 22 February 2012 requesting that the CCC meetings be re-established and that the Council nominate representatives for itself and seek nominations from interested community participants.


Council advised that it was preparing a report to go to an Ordinary Meeting of Council on 22 March 2012 requesting: 


1.      that the CCC be re-established;

2.      that two representatives be selected from Council; and

3.      that Council advertise to seek two community representatives for selection by Council.


This matter was not dealt with on 22 March 2012 and was deferred until 12 April 2012. Further advice will be posted once an update is known.

Complaints Hotline


A dedicated complaint hotline number was originally set up for the quarry to ensure the community had the ability to communicate issues and problems directly with us.


This line remains active and is displayed in prominent signs on both sides of the quarry. The number is:

Toll Free: 1800 880 000